"Coffee so fresh, you'll want to slap it"


Morning View Coffee House is proud to be part of an international effort to make the global local.  From inception, Morning View Coffee House has been dedicated to sustainability and Fair Trade, promoting environmental and social sustainability and helping to provide small producers in developing countries with optimal trading conditions. By supporting small farmers around the world, Morning View Coffee House hopes to also support educational, environmental, nutritional, and anti-poverty incentives in less developed countries.

Morning View Coffee House offers a wide variety of Fair Trade and organic coffees and teas, including those endorsed by the Rain Forest Alliance. All coffees are roasted on sight in Nags Head. We have been roasting coffee in house for more than eight years and have roasted over 150,000 pounds of coffee. We use a Diedrich Coffee Roaster, allowing us to purchase a variety of beans, as well as allowing maximum attention and love into each batch of coffee she roasts.

About Our Coffee

Morning View Coffee House and Roastery handcrafts with love each individual batch in our state of the art bean roaster located on the premises allowing us to carefully monitor the entire roasting process and to adjust each roast to insure that each unique coffee reaches it’s optimal flavor.

When viewing our roasting descriptions you will notice roasting terms such as City (light roast), Full City (medium roast), Vienna (dark, slight oil), and French (dark, oily). These are the roasts that we feel best exemplifies each coffee.


Roasting Descriptions

City Roast: A very light brown roast. There are no oils pronounced on the bean and is pulled from the roaster after the first crack happens. This light roast creates a bright acidic cup and full flavored.

Full City Roast: Name applied to the degree of roast of the coffee bean that is darker then a City roast. The beans roast past the first crack but are pulled before the second crack starts. There is a little oil pronounced on the bean creating sweetness and a medium acidity.

Vienna Roast: Slightly darker then a Full City roast. Much more oil is pronounced on the bean. Pulled after hitting the second crack, making a less acidic cup and a full bodied bean.

French Roast: Darker then a Vienna roast. This bean is pulled after the second crack has happened and a lot of oil is pronounced on the bean. Almost no acidity present and a more mellow and mild cup.